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Beginning a Podcast? Eliminate These 7 popular problems a number of lessons learned after working a podcast for over annually.

On Valentine’s Day of 2018, I established my very first podcast.

Let me make it clear: it had been a journey. Learning to podcast is straightforward on the one-hand, but keeping it up requires grit. We struggled. I celebrated. We attracted clients. I regarded as quitting on occasion. I got lover email. We stuck with it.

Lather, wash, duplicate.

It’s got now already been over 17 several months, and I also’ve learned a few things. If you are considering beginning a podcast, here are a few mistakes I would advise avoiding:

1. using too much money

There is no need a bunch of elegant equipment to start a podcast. Believe me. I spent $65 on a made use of Yeti microphone and pop filter from a random dude off Craigslist and begun record the following day.

I am furthermore maybe not ashamed to admit I took the picture because of it myself personally.

My intent got Minimum Worthwhile Goods. I did not need to drain a lot of revenue into anything I becamen’t sure would work. Therefore, I took certain selfies, stuck top one out of a PowerPoint fall, and place my „logo“ over the top. (My personal „logo“ merely becoming the expression „Dear guys,“ which is the title of my podcast).